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Volunteer medics of the PFVMH are not remunerated for their really selfless labor in the Anti-Terrorist Operation zone. However, not always can they heal people, and sometimes save their lives, barehanded. The mobile hospital maintenance requires significant material resources.

We need medical equipment, expendables, pharmaceuticals etc. We need to repair and renew our vehicles and fuel them. We always need it, so we would be awfully grateful if you could buy such equipment and materials for our mobile hospital. Please contact us by phone (+380 66 681 1425), email (pfvmhospital@gmail.com) or through our Facebook page.

It is possible that just your few gallons of gas will help us timely deliver a wounded defender of Ukraine to a hospital, and the defibrillator your have bought will make somebody’s heart beat rhythmically once again.

As of today, the PFVMH has the following urgent needs:

Medical equipment

Generic name Model Quantity
Artificial lung ventilation apparatus ШВЛ Oxylog® 2000  plus
або аналогічний
min. 3
Cardiac monitor/defibrillator ДКІ-Н-15Ст “Біфазик+”
або аналогічний
min. 3
Aspirator 7Е-А, Біомед
або аналогічний
min. 3


Materials for medical applications

Generic name Brand name Quantity

Vehicles, spare parts and fuel

Generic name Model / Brand name Quantity


 Volkswaggen Transporter T5 4×4 2
Ambulance  Mitsubishi Pajero 3,2 D 2
Fuel  ДП  <6000 L
Fuel АІ-95 <2000 L


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