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  • Volodymyr “Hard” Kharchenko: “History demands that we stop this horde”

    Volodymyr Kharchenko begins his conversation with journalist Dmytro Tuzov with the famous saying: “Anyone who has been to a war knows that it is frantic boredom punctuated by moments of frantic terror.” He doesn’t elaborate on the topic of boredom, but as to terror, he seems to have had more than enough. An associate professor […]

  • Awards find their heroes. Regretfully, not all

    The state machinery works slowly but does work. After the Kyiv Campaign was over, I petitioned the President for awarding volunteers of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital who participated in the defense of Kyiv and Zhytomyr. Exactly two months later, the awards found their heroes. Regretfully, not all of them… The decree “forgot” about […]

  • “Absolutely nothing is safe in Donbas region” – Sky News

    The wave of media reports on medics at war, the First Pirogov Volunteer Mobile Hospital in particular, yesterday picked up Sky News with a story and videos. The reports feature PFVMH medic “Scythian” and bodyguard Van Damme. Ambulances are protected under international law but Van Damme says nothing is safe in the Donbas. “No, absolutely […]


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