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  • 06 May 2022
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A solution, brilliant in its simplicity, saves dozens of lives

Yesterday, PFVMH driver/paramedic Suren suggested a simple solution thanks to which it was possible to save the lives of many Ukrainian wounded soldiers.

Suren insisted that the evacuation of numerous wounded servicemen would go not as a column of ambulances but at five to ten-kilometer spaces between the vehicles. Information about the evacuation had been leaked to the enemy, and yesterday, two rashist fighter jets came for a column but failed to find one, as has become known from a radio intercept.

A question remains open, how much is it acceptable from the moral point of view to shoot at ambulances? If we set aside morality, how much is it expedient from the military-economic point of view to send aircraft to kill people who already are wounded and cannot fight?

The mysterious “Russian soul.”




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