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  • 17 June 2022
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“Absolutely nothing is safe in Donbas region” – Sky News

The wave of media reports on medics at war, the First Pirogov Volunteer Mobile Hospital in particular, yesterday picked up Sky News with a story and videos. The reports feature PFVMH medic “Scythian” and bodyguard Van Damme.

Ambulances are protected under international law but Van Damme says nothing is safe in the Donbas. “No, absolutely nothing is safe. They’re always bombing somewhere nearby. It doesn’t matter to them what gets hit. I’m absolutely sure.”

“Sometimes all the (ambulance) is covered in blood,” Scythian narrates. “When we have leg amputations, hand amputations, or a big injury (in the) torso, there’s blood on the floor, blood on the walls, all my clothes have blood, I can show you. This is like the First World War, when soldiers stay in their positions and are just waiting under artillery.”



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