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  • 18 May 2024
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Anesthesiologist “Bulka”: “I don’t want the war to be imprinted on my son’s mind”

Maryana Bondarchuk from Kryvy Rih has a pseudo “Bulka” (“Loaf”). Why? “That’s my dog’s name. I am not often at home, and when my mother calls Bulka, the dog runs, and I follow him,” says the girl, laughing.

Maryana is an anesthesiologist. She came on a mission with PDMSh for the first time in the summer of 2022 and has been regularly participating in such missions since then.

Anesthesiology/resuscitation doctors are key medical personnel at the front because it depends on them whether a fighter will make it to the hospital or not. “Our work is adrenaline. When it’s not there, I feel sad,” she admits.

According to her, she knew she would be a doctor from the age of four. Now she is a young mother and says: “I don’t want the war to be imprinted on my son’s mind.”

Having aspired to become a doctor since the age of four, Maryana now balances her profession with motherhood, expressing her wish for her son not to be burdened by the memories of war.


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