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  • 06 March 2022
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Today, our ambulance “Gyulchyta” barely escaped Russian bullets. We congratulated Viktoria Kramarenko (Viktoriia Kramarenko) and Serhiy Kyselyov (Серега Киселёв) as if they had resurrected. Another ambulance was less lucky: near Stoyanka, at the crossing of the Zhytomyr highway, an orc sniper killed a woman sitting next to her husband driving the ambulance.

To avoid risks for the lives of our heroic medics, WE URGENTLY NEED ARMORED AMBULANCES!!!

It is just because of their total absence in Ukraine (on the eighth year of the war!!!) we sustain casualties that could (and must) be avoided. HUNDREDS of wounded warriors and civilians die because of the impossibility of being evacuated under enemy fire. We have a person ready to pay for the purchase of armored ambulances but cannot find them!!!

Americans, Europeans, other friends of Ukraine!!! We know that you are afraid of the Russians and will not fight with us shoulder to shoulder. But you can help save hundreds of lives of the Russian aggression’s victims. To do so, just send the PFVMH (#ПДМШ) dozens of armored ambulances able to evacuate the wounded from the red zone!


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