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  • 29 February 2016
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Belarusian psychiatrist: “Ukrainians do not have a balance. They have either ‘betrayal’ or ‘victory,’ either love or hate”

In 2001, Dmytro Shchygelsky, a Belarusian psychiatrist and member of the opposition party Belarusian Popular Front, diagnosed Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko as having mosaic psychopathy. After that, he and his family had to move to the United States.

Dmytro came to Ukraine in June 2015 to work in an evacuation team, to which the FVMH was recruiting all who had at least any medical qualification.

Read the story by Alla Kotlyar on the Dzerkalo Tyzhnya site, in which Dmytro Shchygelsky narrates about his service with the FVMH, posttraumatic stress disorders in warriors, their adaptation problems and differences between Belarusians and Ukrainians.

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