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  • 25 February 2024
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British MPs visit PFVMH

On Saturday, the day marking the second anniversary of the full-scale invasion of the Moscow horde into Ukraine, a delegation from the U.K. Parliament led by Conservative Party Deputy Chairman Jack Lopresti visited the PFVMH rear base.

“We are sincerely grateful for the support of the British people and the British Parliament, and we hope that the meeting of British politicians with the PFVMH leadership will contribute to a better understanding of Ukraine’s urgent needs,” said PFVMH President Gennadiy Druzenko during the meeting.

He emphasized that our Western, particularly British partners, should not only support the government and the Armed Forces of Ukraine but also assist civil society initiatives like PFVMH, which defend fundamental principles of democracy and freedom.

As was highlighted during discussions with the British guests, Ukraine continues to fight, and so do PFVMH medics, tirelessly providing medical care and evacuating the wounded from the front lines. “There is much work ahead, and we need your support and the support of the entire world,” said Gennadiy Druzenko.

He also mentioned the ongoing fundraising for a new ambulance designed to meet the demands of frontline work.


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