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  • 16 June 2022
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California dreamin’: Jennifer might return someday to live in Ukraine

One more report by journalist Dmytro Tuzov about the work of PFVMH at the front is dedicated to Jennifer, an emergency nurse from California who was deployed twice in Afghanistan.

In May 2022, Jennifer worked as part of a PFVMH ambulance crew. “When I was younger and was studying history, I read about the Nazis,” says Jennifer. “I always wondered what I would do in that situation, and now it presents itself today with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

She states that she witnessed a chemical attack by the Russians and calls Putin a war criminal.

Ukrainian doctors, according to Jennifer, are “exceptional with minimum resources… You can see the hands of God coming into their hands.” She compares the Russian-Ukrainian war to the David and Goliath story and believes that Ukraine will be victorious against Russia.

Asked what she will tell her American friends about Ukraine, she replied, “I will say that I love Ukraine, and maybe one day I’ll go to live there.”


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