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  • 08 June 2024
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“Everyone comes to PDMSh with one goal: to save people and help win the war”

Kateryna, a finance professional, actively engaged in various charitable activities in Kyiv during the war. However, she felt this was not enough. She says that she had attended tactical medicine courses several times “and was willing to go as a paramedic if taken in.”

“There was such a feeling that you should go and help with your own hands, you should be somewhere next to people who are either at the front or next to the front, or are saving people.”

She searched for a long time for a place to go to be useful, applied to several organizations, but no one answered. No one, except PDMSh.

On a PDMSH mission, financier Kateryna works in the kitchen — feeding those who directly save the defenders of Ukraine.

Natalia is Kateryna’s colleague as she also feeds PDMSh medics. In her peaceful life, however, her occupation is completely different — she is a yoga instructor and a healthy nutrition consultant.

Natalia’s husband was wounded at the front, and he was saved by the same volunteer medics as those at PDMSh. “That’s why I am infinitely grateful to the people who do this, who save the fighters, and I just wanted to help them with what I can do best,” she says. “I don’t know how to save lives, but I think I know how to cook.”

So she left her students waiting, left two Alabai under the care of her father-in-law and went on a PDMSh mission.

According to Kateryna, “everyone comes to PDMSh with one goal, the only one that matters: to save people and help win the war – whatever you do.”


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