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  • 05 June 2022
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Farewell to Pinchuk (a call to Ukrainian non-oligarchic business)

In recent 20 to 25 years the Ukrainian matrix has been determined by several oligarchic families. Parliaments, prime ministers, and presidents changed one another. Only the real owners of Ukraine remained unchanged. And after all, just they are responsible for the fact that the Soviet republic with the greatest per capita defense and economic potential has turned into the poorest country in Europe, now bleeding. Because Putin was sure: the real masters of Ukraine do not care under which flag to collect from the population and territory …

I hoped that the great war and the great blood would change at least some of these people. That at least some of them will stop serving the Mammon and begin paying their debts to the Ukrainian people, at the expense of which they amassed their fabulous fortunes. I was naive: no miracle has happened …

It is now widely known that in early March, PFVMH settled on the “reserve estate” of Viktor Pinchuk’s family. An estate where no one has lived for 20 years. Several times have I publicly suggested that Olena Pinchuk, who is the official owner of the estate, and Viktor Pinchuk would hand over their small palace to PFVMH to create an up-to-date medical rehabilitation center for victims of this war.

There was no response either publicly or privately. And for some reason, I’m sure there won’t be. This is about the real values of the “famous Ukrainian patron” and the daughter of the second Ukrainian president, who is the real father of oligarchic Ukraine. Instead, we become haunted by “guests” with strange questions and negotiators with indecent proposals. Because for the owner of the estate, the war seems to be over: you can do business as usual.

Thank God, PFVMH has managed to become an international phenomenon, and in addition to Ukrainian friends, we have made influential friends in the West. In particular, those who have earned their fortunes through innovations rather than privatizations. The lack of openness and inefficiency of Ukrainian government agencies, too, has prompted even Western governments to start cooperating with PVMH directly. In this way, we received from the Danish government a real mobile hospital worth millions of euros.

To understand the true value of this royal gift (Denmark is indeed a kingdom), suffice it to say that it took 11 long-haul trucks or four freight cars to deliver it. When deployed, it covers an area of 80×80 square meters. It allows for performing seven complex and 15 simple operations daily. It can accommodate up to 30 patients at a time. An entire medical village that can be deployed anywhere where the hospital infrastructure is destroyed.

Such a royal gift, which we perceive, in particular, as recognition of the merits and capacity of PFVMH, fantastically increases our capabilities and autonomy, but on the other hand, also costs and challenges.


First of all, we need a new permanent base (it can be a sanatorium, a children’s camp, a hotel-and-restaurant complex, etc.) for 100 beds with a closed area of at least 2 hectares, including 1-hectare outdoor territory o which we will practice deploying the Danish mobile hospital.

I understand that this war has exhausted national business. I know that every decent businessperson has a unit he or she supports. BUT! But we need to learn not only to support but also to go up to a new level!

Because it is not enough for Ukraine to survive – Ukraine has to pave the way for the future. PFVMH is one of the laboratories of this unknown future. The one we create every day with our sweat and blood.

If among Ukrainian businesspersons there are those for whom this war is not only for territories and identity (flag color, language, faith) but primarily a fundamentally different world order – fairer, freer, more humane, and more creative – we invite you to partnership! Because if the war for the future in Ukraine is sponsored only by the West, it will be wrong. And we will not break into this future.

And let’s remember: the oligarchic matrix of Ukraine and Russian aggression are deeply interrelated. Until we change this matrix, we will never defeat the “Russian world” …

Gennady Druzenko



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