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  • 08 June 2017
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Final report by Hrechyshkyne landing party: impressive numbers

Upon thorough calculation it turned out that volunteer doctors of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital during their 10-day “landing party” mission in Luhansk Oblast’s village of Hrechyshkyne examined and treated nearly 1,000 patients. The total number of conducted examinations made up 5,760.

According to the final mission report, “examined over 10 days of the team’s work were 960 residents of Luhansk Oblast (Hrechyshkyne, Dubove, Novoaydar, Severodonetsk and other localities),” including 274 medical and 204 surgical patients. The gynecologist examined 149 women. A total of 62 endoscopic and 291 ultrasound examinations were carried out and 25 minor surgeries performed. Eighteen persons were treated at home.

The team included top-category doctors of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital #2 “Burn Center”: surgeon and combustiologist Serhiy Staskevych (deputy chief physician for surgery), general practitioner Lyudmyla Doronina (deputy chief physician for therapy), gynecologist Iryna Voronina (head of the Gynecologic Department), general practitioner and functional diagnostician Lyubov Stelmakh (head of the Sonography and Functional Diagnostics Department), endoscopist, surgeon and combustiologist Yevhen Homonay (head of the Endoscopy Office), and scrub nurse Viktoria Kramarenko (deputy chief physician for nursing staff).

Behind these dry numbers, which are impressive per se, is the health of our fellow-citizens. Moreover, the PFVMH activities in Eastern Ukraine are a display of solidarity with people who by ill luck, because of the war, have found themselves in difficult circumstances. It is what in the mobile hospital they call “stitching up the country” or “let’s heal our country together.”

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