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  • 10 February 2024
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“If every Ukrainian supported our troops, even just a little, we would have won long ago”

An ordinary day of combat. An ordinary day on duty for medics of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital…

Vasyl (“Yasyk”), an ambulance paramedic from Ternopil, jokes that he signed up for the war to cook up some fries. However, this day started with grilling chicken and pondering about human quirks: skinny folks wanting to be thicker, and curly-haired folks wishing for straight locks. And vice versa.

Once on duty, “Yasyk” mentions that his 13 years of experience working in an ambulance will come in handy on the front lines, which is why he joined his first mission with PFVMH.

He didn’t have to wait long for a practical application of his skills that day: soon a self-propelled howitzer brought in the first wounded soldier with a maxillofacial injury.

“When you drop off a patient and head back to base, there’s a moment of euphoria — the gratification of knowing you got him there alive,” Vasyl shares his thoughts.

PFVMH driver Oleksandr works at a music school in civilian life, so his pseudo “Mozart” makes sense. He mentions that he’s there out of a desire to aid the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom in this brutal war.

“I believe, if every Ukrainian pitched in to support our troops, even just a little, we would have achieved victory long ago,” Oleksandr “Mozart” confidently states.

He also points out that PFVMH comprises of individuals who have come together voluntarily and are giving their all to ensure our nation’s success. “Perhaps, the future of Ukraine will also be shaped by the self-organization of such individuals. That’s when we’ll truly have a bright future,” Oleksandr hopes.

Yura (“Venice”) is a sixth-year medical student from Vinnytsia. He works as an operating room nurse at the Spinex medical center. This marks his third mission with PFVMH.

“Not long ago, I couldn’t have imagined giving an interview in a trench on the front lines,” chuckles Yuriy.

“I’m making my small contribution to our collective victory,” he humbly adds.


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