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  • 21 February 2017
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Industrious Ihor Buyvol: “I was ashamed to look into the eyes of guys who came from the front while I, so strong, mas sitting snug in Kyiv”

When you first meet Ihor, when you hear how all people around call him Buyvol, you do not experience any cognitive dissonance. His stature and behavior imply the strength, confident rush, and imperturbability that seem to be characteristic of a buffalo, which is buyvil in Ukrainian and buyvol in Russian. That is why he was nicknamed like this, wasn’t he? However, as happens so often, the first impression is too simplified, and further acquaintance with Ihor reveals a person much more complicated and rich spiritually: industrious, curious, smart, and persistent, a faithful friend and a patriot.

The first surprise: Buyvol in neither a nickname nor an alias but his real last name. Or rather both his last name and alias, as he says himself. And it turns out that before becoming a driver of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital, Ihor was a bartender – an exotic occupation for drivers – and was graduated as social pedagogue, as exotic a profession among bartenders. Finally, Ihor Buyvol is decorated by the Order of Valor.

Read the whole story in Ukrainian.

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