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  • 19 May 2017
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Nation’s chief ophthalmologist Oksana Vitovska: “We worked at a pace that I couldn’t care less about whether or not people were aware of my status”

The participation of the Health Ministry’s chief ophthalmologist in the specialized “pediatric landing party” of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital is an extraordinary thing. Since Monday, Prof. Oksana Vitovska, MD, chair of ophthalmology at the Bohomolets National Medical University and Honored Physician of Ukraine, and seven other members of a PFVMH team have been carrying out preventive examinations of children in Rubizhne, Luhansk Oblast. She combines this job with the exercise of her administrative functions, familiarizing herself with the region’s ophthalmologic service and its problems.

In an interview (on this site in Ukrainian) Vitovska thanked the local authorities, which supported the mission and helped the team organize its activities. “And certainly I thank the ‘organizing fathers’ of the mission – the PFVMH – because it’s a great cause,” she said.

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