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  • 06 July 2017
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“Personnel famine” – before PFVMH medics came, nobody has seen an oculist in Bilokurakyne for 10 years

In Bilokurakyne, Luhansk Oblast, local patients are examined and treated by three specialists of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital: surgeon, oculist and traumatologist. Twice a week through July, the volunteer medic will also go to distant villages in the district, the Luhansk Oblast State Television & Radio Company reported.

A Bilokurakyne resident complained that they have not had their own oculist in the town for 10 year, so her treatment used to be prescribed by local nurse. Therefore, patients say they are very lucky to be able to go to a specialist, especially the one so skilled. The chief physician of the Bilokurakyne District Central Hospital, Oleksandr Danylko, is also glad of the volunteer medics’ presence, even though his hospital asked for more doctors, because “we suffer of personnel famine,” as he put it.

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