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  • 09 October 2017
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PFVMH doctors seen over 3,600 times during September mission

In September, medics of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital provided care to over 3,600 patients, including 61 servicemen. That month, 24 PFVMH volunteers worked in hospitals of Luhansk Oblast’s Bilokurakyne, Popasna, Stanytsya Luhanska and Schastya as well as in medical evacuation teams in military units. This mission has been the 30th rotation since the establishment of the mobile hospital.

Note that the data on patient’s number in fact represents the number of times patients saw the PFVMH doctors, as one patient could make more than one visit. For example, the medevac teams provided assistance to 41 persons (35 servicemen and six civilians) but at the same time gave 25 consultations and had 25 cases of outpatient treatment and 10 cases of hospitalization.

Since Oct. 1, 30 volunteer medics have been working in the PFVMH’s 31st mission, including 15 in Bilokurakyne, Popasna, Novoaydar and Stanytsya Luhanska and 15 in medevac teams.

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