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  • 22 May 2018
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PFVMH organizes pre-medical aid training for 93rd DMBr

On Monday, the Piroogv First Volunteer Mobile Hospital organized training in pre-medical aid for the 93rd Detached Mechanized Brigade, the military unit reported on its Facebook page.

According to the report, “medics and warriors of the 93rd DMBr practiced properly stopping a wound, restoring the patency of airways, dealing with chest traumas and preparing the wounded for further evacuation stages.”

The trainer, Viktoria Tkach, said the training course is based on pre-medical aid measures used throughout the world. It is unified and will be useful for not only warriors but also paramedics and doctors. “This is because when a person has a vast medical knowledge, some of it might sometimes be lost. And we just remind them the simplest steps, using which every person will be able to save his or her own life or that of somebody else,” the trainer was quoted as saying.


Photo from the Facebook page of the 93rd DMBr

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