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  • 11 April 2022
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Pilgrim’s spotter receives an award from PFVMH

Today, PFVMH leader Gennadiy Druzenko gave a pump-action rifle as an award to an intelligence veteran who was part of the team led by PFVMH security chief “Pilgrim.”

“He is the very ‘eyes’ in Blystavytsya that saw Russian materiel in the battle-ready condition, transmitted this information to Pilgrim, and then counted the burned frames with the letter ‘Z,’” Druzenko said. “They [Russians] cannot conquer this state [Ukraine], because everything and everyone on this land is fighting for us. For out truth, and for our freedom.”

Thanks to this information, were destroyed only from Feb. 26 to Mar. 14:

  • 11 tanks;
  • 26 or more infantry fighting vehicles;
  • 18 or more armored personnel carriers;
  • 14 or more all-terrain vehicles Tigr;
  • 2 multiple rocket launchers Grad;
  • 4 or more mortars;
  • 2 self-propelled artillery vehicles; and
  • 28 logistics vehicles.

In the photo below (L to R): Gennadiy Druzenko, Pilgrim’s “eyes,” and Pilgrim himself.


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