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  • 03 July 2015
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Sportswoman from Russian Chelyabinsk comes to fight on the side of Ukraine

In her native Chelyabinsk, Russia, Olga gave up her sports career and left old mother and went to far Ukraine — because she suspected that the Russians are told not the whole truth about the developments in the east of the neighboring country.

She had had to work as a maid to save money for the long journey. First, Olga got to a volunteer battalion attached to the Interior Ministry. She completed a short-term military course but, alas, the battalion was disbanded.

Now Olga helps medics on the frontline, has applied for a permit to reside in Ukraine, and is going to go fighting to another volunteer battalion.

Watch a Hromadske.TV channel report (posted on YouTube on July 2, 2015):

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