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  • 01 January 2024
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The 30,000th patient

Gennadiy Druzenko, PFVMH Co-founder and President

On December 31, 2023, we helped the 30,000th patient since the beginning of the full-scale war. It was not rigged. It so happened…

The last year was probably crucial for PFVMH. In the summer, the scarcity of resources even made us think that PFVMH would cease to exist in the form of a voluntary formation. We were ready for the official mobilization and transformation of the legendary volunteer unit into the medical service of a military unit. But the Lord had other plans for us. We reduced the number of people at the front as much as possible, reduced the number of locations and crews, and held on by the skin of our teeth but never stopped working. We managed to stand, reformat ourselves, and continue to do, with renewed energy, what we knew how to do best – saving lives.

Our missions are again on the rise. Our Education, Training and Rehabilitation Center is under construction. Our fleet of ambulances and evacuation vehicles is in a much better condition than it was a year ago. We are not going to stop because we understand that this war is here for long, and every life saved is worth any effort we have to make.

But we did not only save lives last year. We also actively helped our uniformed brothers and sisters. The year 2023 for PFVMH means:

  • ⁠12 monthly missions;
  • 320 volunteers who worked at the front;
  • 22,353 patients cared;
  • ⁠405,000 kilometers travelled;
  • ⁠35 automobiles handed over to the Defense Forces of Ukraine
  • 7 units of resuscitation equipment and 1 fully functional field hospital given to military units;
  • 30 tons of humanitarian aid delivered to addressees by Nova Post, our reliable partner;
  • 365 days of 7/24 non-stop work.

All this was for the sake of one thing – to save, help, evacuate, and give a chance to survive to those who took risks every day for us to be able to gather around the family table and see the New Year in at a decorated Christmas tree.

We thank all our friends, partners, donors, and everyone who cared, helped, donated, advised, and reposted – you are our prop and stay, our motivation and inspiration! Ahead is another year of our struggle, our resistance, which does not promise to be easy. We must withstand, continue working, and do our best not to give the enemy a single chance to defeat us.

Let’s keep on our work; do not stop and remember every day that the war goes on. But together we are invincible!

Source: ЦН.Блоги

Photo: Kostiantyn Liberov


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