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  • 15 October 2016
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Two years since first public presentation of PFVMH. Progress report in DT interview with hospital cofounder and leader Gennadiy Druzenko

The project “Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital” (PFVMH) was first presented two years ago, just on the Feast of the Intercession, Oct. 14. At the time, according to Dzerkalo Tyzhnya, few besides its founders believed that they would be able to create in Ukraine a real hospital having everything: equipment, instruments, drugs, and a team of highly skilled professionals willing to provide medical care in the Anti-Terrorist Operation Zone. Having enthusiasm alone is not enough for this – you also need adequate financial, material, and human resources.

“In the EU, they often mention ‘soft power,'” says PFVMH cofounder and leader Gennadiy Druzenko. “The military may be compared to a lancet that cuts out the cancer tumors of separatism, whereas the medics and volunteers heal these wounds. There, our medics live in hospitals and constantly communicate with their local colleagues and patients. Several our people working in Novoaydar are from Volyn. They perfectly find common language with everybody despite the fact that the some speak the state language and others use the language of the invader country. When a person is eased of pain, healed, fear and hatred vanish and something common appears.”
Read the interview on the Dzerkalo Tyzhnya site.

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