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  • 19 April 2024
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Volunteer medics work without charge, while the PDMSh operations are not without costs. Where do your donations go?

PDMSh is in operation, saving the lives of numerous defenders of Ukraine each month, largely thanks to the support from the general public. So, we are starting a tradition of publishing informal monthly reports on our revenues and expenditures.

In compliance with legal regulations, we release annual financial statements on our website and audit reports detailing our undertakings since the onset of the big war. However, these reports may not comprehensively convey the necessary information to individuals without specialized financial or accounting knowledge. Consequently, we have chosen to present our expenses in a manner that allows all our generous donors, numbering in the thousands, to fully comprehend how their contributions are utilized.

As of March 2024, PDMSh had nearly UAH 9.5 million available, comprising more than UAH 7.5 million in the local currency and the equivalent of UAH 30,333 in foreign currency, alongside over UAH 1.9 million in its own reserves.

Approximately half of these resources (exceeding UAH 4.7 million) were allocated to the construction of the PDMSh Training and Rehabilitation Center. The total expenses for motor vehicles, too, surpassed the million hryvnias benchmark, including UAH 720,000 for acquiring new vehicles, UAH 390,349 for repairing and maintaining vehicles, and UAH 110,000 for fuel.

The remaining costs account for less than 17 percent of the total expenditure.


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