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  • 24 August 2022
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What Ukraine are we fighting for?

Today is the Independence Day of Ukraine. By now, Ukrainians have already shown that freedom and independence are the things without which the existence of our people is impossible. There can be no compromises or concessions here. For these values, our defenders are ready to give the most precious thing they have – their lives.

The war with russia is bloody and cruel, but paradoxically, it has opened the eyes of the people not only to the fact that the neighboring country is our enemy but also to the fact that there are internal problems in Ukraine. And now is the best time to solve them. What misunderstandings have arisen between the authorities and doctors during the war? What do the PFVMH medics lack to work more effectively right now? Is the level of international aid starting to decline? Watch the new video by journalist Dmytro Tuzov featuring Svitlana and Gennady Druzenkos.



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