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  • 15 March 2017
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Dmytro Vernyhor: “Volunteering is our deliberate choice”

Volunteer doctors appeared in Ukraine even before volunteer warriors, Medprosvita (“Medical Education”) stated in a story published last night and dedicated to the newly-established holiday – Day of Ukrainian Volunteer. The story specially cites the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital, “which was able to not only pull like-minded volunteers together but also put volunteer doctors’ assistance on the official track.”

The story also quotes PFVMH Vice President and Head Doctor Dmytro Vernyhor, who on the occasion of the holiday spoke yesterday at an event in Mayakovskoho Avenue, where the first memorial to ATO volunteer had been erected last July:

“This is our holiday because it’s our deliberate choice. May God give well-being both us and our Ukraine! I bow low before my medic blood brothers who now and always are at their professional post – on duty just where people need their medical aid.”

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