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  • 07 June 2022
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“I returned to claim my right to be a Ukrainian in my God-given land” – Dmytro “German” Rusnak

Anesthesiologist Dmytro Rusnak is now in the hottest place on our planet – eastern Ukraine – as part of the Pirogov First Voluntary Mobile Hospital. Until recently, he worked in a quiet and gorged Germany (hence his nom de guerre – “German”). But as soon as the full-scale war against Russian orcs broke out, he returned to Ukraine.

Why did a person who proved his qualifications in a wealthy country, and speaks German and English, decide to return, and even go to where it’s hard and dangerous? After all, it would be possible to remain in safety and help Ukraine in other ways – for example, collect donations to assist Ukraine, or buy bulletproof vests, helmets, and medical equipment. Dmytro answers this question that he could not do otherwise.

“We are convinced that our enemy is aiming at the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Therefore, people who can help our country during the full-scale aggression, even with their presence, must claim their right to be Ukrainians in their God-given land. And so I’m back.”

Watch the interview with the volunteer doctor by journalist Dmytro Tuzov:



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