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  • 11 June 2022
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Ihor “Banzai” Shapar: “Putin won’t be able to restore the Soviet Union, because we have already felt the spirit of freedom”

In his peaceful life, Ihor Shapar with nom de guerre “Banzai” is an IT specialist. He has two daughters. After the full-scale Russian invasion, he began working at a volunteer center. “When it all started, I wanted to do something useful for the country,” he said in an interview with journalist Dmytro Tuzov. But he lacked “action” in the center. So, through a friend, he joined PFVMH and has never returned to either the volunteer center or his work.

Now “Banzai” is the driver of a PFVMH ambulance, and whatever he might lack in his life at the frontline it is certainly not “action” – he has already got several times under enemy shelling, including that by MLRS.

Ihor doubts that Putin will be able to restore the Soviet Union. “We have already felt the spirit of freedom.” He believes that the problem with Russia must be solved today, otherwise, the solution will be carried over to our children and grandchildren.

In the interview, Ihor “Banzai” Shapar also speaks about the PFVMH work in the war zone in general and his work within the mobile hospital in particular and ponders over why the war began, what can be done for our victory, and what Ukraine will be like after the war.

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