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  • 08 May 2024
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Medevac all-terrain vehicle and advanced defibrillator radically change the structure of PDMSh revenues and expenditures in April

The structure of PDMSh revenues and expenditures in April underwent significant changes compared to the previous month, for which we first published, so to speak, the “Financial Statement for Dummies.” The second installment in paying for the “off-road king,” SHERP N 1200 medevac (photo above), which is due off the assembly line this month, and the purchase of a state-of-the-art ZOLL X Series monitor/defibrillator were the primary drivers of these changes.

Total expenses nearly doubled in April, reaching UAH 13.0 million, compared to UAH 7.1 million in March. The ordered all-terrain medevac made the “Purchase of new vehicles” item (UAH 4.3 million or 33.2%) dominate the cost structure, surpassing the previous leader, “Training and Rehabilitation Center construction” (UAH 4.0 million or 30.5%; in March, 66.3%).

Additionally, the defibrillator-monitor procurement had a significant impact, elevating “Medical equipment and medicines” to the third largest expense category in April at UAH 2.2 million (17.3%), while less than UAH 0.5 million (0.1%) was spent on this item in March.

Salary expenses in monetary terms in April compared to March remained almost unchanged (UAH 475,130 against UAH 488,248), but their share in the expenses structure halved (3.6% vs. 6.9%).

Although April’s revenues also increased compared to March (UAH 10.8 million vs. UAH 9.5 million), the surge was far less impressive than the rise in expenses, resulting in the need to cover the deficit with the carryover balance from the previous month.


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