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  • 05 April 2022
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PFVMH delivers its second humanitarian cargo to Chernihiv

For the second time within the last four days, PFVMH brought to Chernihiv humanitarian aid. Andriy Prokopenko, head of PFVMH’s logistics & humanitarian activity, his deputy Maxym Halyant, and well-known journalist Dmytro Tuzov transferred the aid to the Chernihiv Oblast Clinical Hospital.

As Dmytro reports in a Facebook post, the hospital after the shelling of the city by Russian war criminals has neither water and electricity nor heat – in cool weather! And there are many wounded in the hospital. “So the aid came timely, the doctors are happy. Chernihiv, we stand with you! Glory to Ukraine!” Dmytro writes.

In 2019-2020, Andriy Prokopenko headed the Chernihiv Oblast State Administration.

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