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  • 15 March 2022
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PFVMH team saves the life of a wounded soldier

Today, the PFVMH team that worked near the Irpin Bridge saved the life of a wounded defender of Ukraine who approached the volunteer medics for help.

The warrior was sensible and complained of chest pain above the heart, according to the medics – Taras Pankevych, Lyubov Savytska, and Serhiy Kyselyov. The examination detected a bullet wound that had resulted in pneumothorax. The wounded began losing consciousness but the skilled actions of Taras Pankevych saved his life. The patient was stabilized and brought to the OkhMatDyt hospital, where surgeon Andriy Vysotsky operated on him.

Later, the hospital reported that the wounded was OK, his state sable. He would need bullet extraction and follow-up care.

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