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  • 06 June 2024
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PDMSh May Spending: Change of Leaders

Our third edition of PDMSh revenues and expenditures in the format of so-called “Financial Statement for Dummies” allows us to make at least some analysis of what has happened to the volunteer hospital’s finances over the past three months (see similar reports for March and April).

Drastic changes took place in April’s top three, from which the category “Purchase of new vehicles” dropped out (it is completely absent among the May expenditures). We anticipate its reappearance in June, as the SHERP N 1200 medevac ordered by the PDMSh will finally be assembled, albeit with a month’s delay.

The other two largest items of expenditure remained the leaders by a wide margin from the rest, but swapped places: the top spender was “Medical equipment and medicines” – nearly UAH 1.7 million (34.5%); and as the second, “Training and Rehabilitation Center construction” — UAH 1.5 million (31.3%).

Interestingly, in March, the May leader was the last among the hospital’s expenditures — only UAH 4,600.

Among the other spending categories, there were no significant alterations. The expenses for “Location point logistics” and “Fuel” remained the lowest.

(As for fuel costs, we hope that our enemies will increase them after their refineries are hit by Ukrainian “kind” drones.)

In general, after the April surge, the hospital’s total expenditures (UAH 4.8 million) rolled back to a level below March.

The same happened with PDMSh revenues: UAH 7.2 million in May against UAH 10.8 million in April and UAH 9.5 million in March. Moreover, the receipts in hryvnias and foreign currencies over the past three months have displayed weird behavior: an increase in one is accompanied by a nearly proportional decrease in the other.


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