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    • 19 April 2022
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    PVMH continues “healing wounds” in Hostomel and Bucha

    PFVMH’s volunteer medics continued providing humanitarian aid to residents of the liberated Kyiv suburbs of Hostomel and Bucha. “We still heal the wounds from the Russian ‘liberators,’” commented the mobile hospital leader, Gennadiy Druzenko. In the video below, Elena Bulakhtina, a physician from Hamilton, Ontario, is distributing medicines and advising on their application. “Medicine here […]

    • 18 April 2022
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    Ann’s going home. Thank you, Ann!

    Ann, a former nurse with the Canadian military, is leaving Kyiv after her three-week volunteering with PFVMH. As a tangible farewell gift, she received a PFVMH badge, and as intangibles, the warmest feelings of gratitude from her new blood sisters and brothers as well as many Ukrainians whom she had helped. Ann was part of […]

    • 17 April 2022
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    Open letter of PFVMH Co-founder Gennadiy Druzenko to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

    To: Mr. Volodymyr Zelenzky President of Ukraine Dear. Mr. President, Let me begin with words of gratitude. You did not flee the country in the first, most difficult, days and weeks of the war. And this was the moment when Ukrainians – both those who voted for you three years ago and those who did […]

    • 13 April 2022
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    A base of PFVMH on Viktor Pinchuk’s estate – a video story by UP

    Myhaylo Tkach in Ukrainska Pravda tells how PFVMH come to the estate of Olena and Viktor Pinchuks – a daughter and a son-in-law of Ukraine’s former president Leonid Kuchma – and set up there its base. The oligarchs’ estate, on which the mansion looks like a palace and which had been mothballed for about 20 […]

    • 12 April 2022
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    Dmytro Tuzov: “We have to break the chain of russia’s genocide against Ukraine”

    The Den newspaper has published an interview with Dmytro Tuzov, a journalist, Radio NV anchor, columnist, documentalist, and political observer. During the war, besides covering and assessing the developments, Dmytro also engages in direct volunteer humanitarian activities. In particular, he collaborates with PFVH whose ambulance crews not only carry out medical tasks but also bring […]

    • 11 April 2022
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    Pilgrim’s spotter receives an award from PFVMH

    Today, PFVMH leader Gennadiy Druzenko gave a pump-action rifle as an award to an intelligence veteran who was part of the team led by PFVMH security chief “Pilgrim.” “He is the very ‘eyes’ in Blystavytsya that saw Russian materiel in the battle-ready condition, transmitted this information to Pilgrim, and then counted the burned frames with […]

    • 10 April 2022
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    “The crew of hero doctors” – an interview with PFVMH medics on Radio NV

    Radio NV anchor Dmytro Tuzov had a chat with the crew of an ambulance that had evacuated people from Irpin when the battles in the region were in full swing – Taras Pankevych, Viktoria Kramarenko, and Serhiy Kysilev. The central figure of the interview is ethnic Ukrainian Taras Pankevych, nom de guerre Corsa, who has […]

    • 08 April 2022
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    “Pilgrimage”: over 100 burnt pieces of the orcs’ materiel

    The former Ukrainian intelligence officer who manages PFVMH’s security wing – nom de guerre “Pilgrim” took part in exterminating a great amount of the muscovite occupants’ military equipment around the Kyiv suburb of Bucha. Pilgrim collected information from his blood brothers – a team of intelligence veterans based in the Bucha District’s village of Blystavytsya […]

    • 07 April 2022
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    Six PFVMH teams provide medical and humanitarian aid, work at debris sites

    Six PFVMH ambulance crews provided medical and humanitarian aid to residents of Kyiv Oblast’s localities recently liberated from muscovite orcs, including Andriyivka, Borodyanka, Bucha, Dymer, Ivankiv, Katyzhanka, and Fenevychi. Two patients were hospitalized at the Kyiv Oblast Clinical Hospital. Among those medically attended there was a woman whose forearm the occupants had broken with a […]

    • 07 April 2022
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    PFVMH and Ukraine in Armor join forces

    PFVMH and the volunteer organization Ukraine in Armor have formed a consortium. “Now we defend Ukraine not only with a lancet but also with armor,” the PFVMH co-founder and Supervisory Boar chairman, Gennadiy Druzenko, commented on the amalgamation. Ukraine in Armor is a group of volunteers who cares for the future of the country and […]

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