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    • 03 May 2022
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    War has neither weekends nor holidays

    For PFVMH, the beginning of May has brought no changes, and the former “Day of International Solidarity of Working People” was not an exception. Every day comes with new wounded – frag and bullet wounds, traumatic amputations, bleedings, and also knife wounds, dog bites, somatic diseases – you name it. Among the cases, PFVMH medics […]

    • 01 May 2022
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    GoFundMe campaign to raise funds to buy armored ambulances for PFVMH. The first milestone is CA$385,000

    A campaign was launched on GoFundMe today to raise funds for purchasing armored ambulance vehicles for Ukraine. The first milestone for the campaign is set at CA$385,000 (US$300,000) The fundraising campaign was organized by Zak, a Canadian, media and press liaison for West Island Youth Symphony Orchestra, upon agreement with PFVMH Supervisory Board Chairman Gennadiy […]

    • 30 April 2022
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    “But there’ll be the son and will be the mother…”

    Today, in one of the frontline hospitals, PFVMH medics were able to get somewhat distracted from the routine of saving lives and health and assist in the emergence of a new life. Rina Danilevska and Viktor Belilovets delivered a child from a neighboring village resident. “When there is so much horror around, life shows that […]

    • 29 April 2022
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    PFVMH: care of both military and civilians

    PFVMH’s three stabilization stations in Donetsk Oblast supported by a hospital base in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast keep on working as the Russian-Ukrainian war goes on. On the one hand, servicemen need medical care not only when wounded but also in the case of an ordinary – “civilian” – disease, like pneumonia, bronchitis, or hypertension. On the […]

    • 28 April 2022
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    PFVMH renews operations in Ukraine’s east

    After the pause because of the actual lull in the Joint Forces Operation for the last two years, PFVMH has restarted acting in Donetsk Oblast. Three stabilization stations have been deployed, and the military has been assisted in the hospitalization of servicemen with somatic diseases and combat traumas.  

    • 22 April 2022
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    Before going eastward, PFVMH receives two more ambulances from Britain

    On the eve of the Orthodox Easter holidays, PFVMH received two of the last six ambulances purchased by the United Ukraine Foundation (UUF) and stuffed with medicines and medical equipment in the United Kingdom to support Ukraine. Immediately after the holidays, these ambulances will go eastward. The two vehicles were driven to Ukraine by an […]

    • 19 April 2022
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    PVMH continues “healing wounds” in Hostomel and Bucha

    PFVMH’s volunteer medics continued providing humanitarian aid to residents of the liberated Kyiv suburbs of Hostomel and Bucha. “We still heal the wounds from the Russian ‘liberators,’” commented the mobile hospital leader, Gennadiy Druzenko. In the video below, Elena Bulakhtina, a physician from Hamilton, Ontario, is distributing medicines and advising on their application. “Medicine here […]

    • 18 April 2022
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    Ann’s going home. Thank you, Ann!

    Ann, a former nurse with the Canadian military, is leaving Kyiv after her three-week volunteering with PFVMH. As a tangible farewell gift, she received a PFVMH badge, and as intangibles, the warmest feelings of gratitude from her new blood sisters and brothers as well as many Ukrainians whom she had helped. Ann was part of […]

    • 17 April 2022
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    Open letter of PFVMH Co-founder Gennadiy Druzenko to President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky

    To: Mr. Volodymyr Zelenzky President of Ukraine Dear. Mr. President, Let me begin with words of gratitude. You did not flee the country in the first, most difficult, days and weeks of the war. And this was the moment when Ukrainians – both those who voted for you three years ago and those who did […]

    • 13 April 2022
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    A base of PFVMH on Viktor Pinchuk’s estate – a video story by UP

    Myhaylo Tkach in Ukrainska Pravda tells how PFVMH come to the estate of Olena and Viktor Pinchuks – a daughter and a son-in-law of Ukraine’s former president Leonid Kuchma – and set up there its base. The oligarchs’ estate, on which the mansion looks like a palace and which had been mothballed for about 20 […]

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