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    • 13 June 2022
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    Doctors at war

    One part of the Suspilne Novyny project on doctors at war is dedicated to civilian medics stationed close to the frontline who save the lives of both soldiers and civilians, who are under incessant shelling in the active combat area. The story also features four PFVMH medics who tell about themselves and their work in […]

    • 11 June 2022
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    Ihor “Banzai” Shapar: “Putin won’t be able to restore the Soviet Union, because we have already felt the spirit of freedom”

    In his peaceful life, Ihor Shapar with nom de guerre “Banzai” is an IT specialist. He has two daughters. After the full-scale Russian invasion, he began working at a volunteer center. “When it all started, I wanted to do something useful for the country,” he said in an interview with journalist Dmytro Tuzov. But he […]

    • 11 June 2022
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    PFVMH in eastern Ukraine: morning, evening

    What is a political nation? It’s when people go east, say, to Bakhmut, to save other people’s lives during Russian shelling and air raids. And they live in several places at once: in the ambulance, in the operating room, and in the “bomb shelter” – a basement to which those fallen a brought from time […]

    • 07 June 2022
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    “I returned to claim my right to be a Ukrainian in my God-given land” – Dmytro “German” Rusnak

    Anesthesiologist Dmytro Rusnak is now in the hottest place on our planet – eastern Ukraine – as part of the Pirogov First Voluntary Mobile Hospital. Until recently, he worked in a quiet and gorged Germany (hence his nom de guerre – “German”). But as soon as the full-scale war against Russian orcs broke out, he […]

    • 05 June 2022
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    Farewell to Pinchuk (a call to Ukrainian non-oligarchic business)

    In recent 20 to 25 years the Ukrainian matrix has been determined by several oligarchic families. Parliaments, prime ministers, and presidents changed one another. Only the real owners of Ukraine remained unchanged. And after all, just they are responsible for the fact that the Soviet republic with the greatest per capita defense and economic potential […]

    • 03 June 2022
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    Svitlana Druzenko: “We have a red zone even where we live”

    When PFVMH was going eastward, it was supposed that the volunteer medics would not work in the “red zone,” Svitlana Druzenko, coordinator of the volunteer hospital’s evacuation crews told journalist Dmitry Tuzov in an interview. “But it turns out that we have a red zone almost all the time, even where we live, let alone […]

    • 31 May 2022
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    WE ARE FIGHTING! (Updated daily)

    After fascist Moscovia took its eight-year aggression against Ukraine to the level of a full-scale war, we promised that Ukrainians would fight. The Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital is as good as its word. This page is a retrospective chronology of the PFVMH’s participation in this new phase of the war. We will also update […]

    • 31 May 2022
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    PFVMH-Zhytomyr on Suspilne

    Yesterday, the Suspilne channel dedicated one of its reports to the PFVMH’s Zhytomyr Detachment, which is based at the local ambulance station. Detachment commander Serhiy Harbarchuk told the TV channel about its history and work. A few days ago, we published a report on the work of PFVMH-Zhytomyr during the three months of full-scale war. […]

    • 30 May 2022
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    Unimagined Doc Martin: “It’s not Ukraine’s war, it’s Europe’s war, my war”

    Unlike the hero of the popular series who left his job as a vascular surgeon at a prestigious London institution due to hemophobia and went to work as a GP in a small town, unimagined Martin Wyness and real hero left his business in Southampton and went to where blood flowed in streams – the […]

    • 29 May 2022
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    PFVMH goes to the front again

    A group of volunteer medics today went to the area of hostilities in eastern Ukraine in the second rotation of PFVMH after the beginning of the full-scale invasion of orcs. The group consists of 43 volunteers who will form nine teams: Two stabilization posts – usually on the basis of a local hospital at a […]

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