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    • 17 July 2022
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    Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital. The prototype of civil society

    What does it mean to build a civil society? Can Ukraine become a model of new statehood where volunteer initiatives surpass the professionalism and efficiency of foreign organizations and government agencies? In the interview for Razom, co-founder and chairman of the PFVMH Supervisory Board, Gennadiy Druzenko shares his perspective. Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital, or […]

    • 15 July 2022
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    Skif: “Everything turns into hell here at speed”

    The Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital saves servicemen and civilians, Hromadske reports in its video. They go to the front line, to the shelling zone, and pull out the wounded. The medics in ambulances, right on the fly, provide first aid before the injured soldier is put on the operating table. At speed, this process […]

    • 14 July 2022
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    Olha “Graz” Supan: “I believe in our victory – we have no other way”

    Olha Supan says she could not stay in Austria because she was “going nuts.” On the second day after the beginning of Russia’s full-scale invasion, the Ukrainian anesthesiologist and resuscitation specialist from Graz called the Ukrainian embassy in Vienna, asking if doctors were needed? They said they were, but there was such a mess that […]

    • 09 July 2022
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    A volunteer doctor was evacuating the wounded for three months

    Danylo Sereda, 29, an orthopedist-traumatologist from Lviv, was evacuating and rescuing wounded civilians and servicemen in Kyiv Oblast and eastern Ukraine for three months as a PFVMH team member. It was the longest mission in the mobile hospital since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, Radio Liberty reports. Danylo Sereda shows a picture […]

    • 09 July 2022
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    Humvees for PFVMH: inside and outside

    In a new video, PFVMF leader Gennadiy Druzenko unveils details about the two sanitary HMMWV vehicles the volunteer hospital received from a benefactor who had asked not to disclose his name. Druzenko calls the vehicles a “dream of any combat medic” engaged in the evacuation of wounded soldiers from the frontline. Unlike secondhand ordinary ambulances […]

    • 05 July 2022
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    PFVMH deployed a state-of-the-art mobile hospital in Kyiv Oblast

    In one of Kyiv Oblast’s localities where Russian orcs destroyed the hospital, PFVMH deployed a state-of-the-art mobile hospital donated by the Danish government. Tents and equipment, including heavy-duty power generators and an oxygen station, were installed by Ukrainians under the guidance of Danish experts who shared their knowledge and skills in deploying and organizing work […]

    • 03 July 2022
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    PFVMH lends a hand to the military, expanding their medical care and evacuation capacity – Viktor Chalavan

    The fresh video portrait, “painted” by journalist Dmytro Tuzov in the interior of the Russian-Ukrainian war, presents Viktor Chalavan (nom de guerre “Mullah”), a national security and defense expert and adviser to the interior minister of Ukraine. From the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Viktor led the Special Task Force police department, which was in […]

    • 02 July 2022
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    A U.S. billionaire donates two Humvees to PFVMH

    A billionaire and founder of a global company from the United States procured two sanitary HMMWV vehicles for the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital. The benefactor, whose name is not disclosed, bought the vehicles and an export license and arranged their delivery first to Warsaw by plane and then to the PFVMH base near Kyiv […]

    • 23 June 2022
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    Volodymyr “Hard” Kharchenko: “History demands that we stop this horde”

    Volodymyr Kharchenko begins his conversation with journalist Dmytro Tuzov with the famous saying: “Anyone who has been to a war knows that it is frantic boredom punctuated by moments of frantic terror.” He doesn’t elaborate on the topic of boredom, but as to terror, he seems to have had more than enough. An associate professor […]

    • 18 June 2022
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    Awards find their heroes. Regretfully, not all

    The state machinery works slowly but does work. After the Kyiv Campaign was over, I petitioned the President for awarding volunteers of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital who participated in the defense of Kyiv and Zhytomyr. Exactly two months later, the awards found their heroes. Regretfully, not all of them… The decree “forgot” about […]

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