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    • 02 April 2018
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    Ophthalmologist Lyudmyla Parfenyuk felt happy in Schastya

    Today, ophthalmologist Lyudmyla Parfenyuk resumed her work in the Rivne Oblast War Veterans Hospital in Klevan after her month-long mission in Eastern Ukraine with the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital. During March, working in Luhansk Oblast’s municipal hospital of Schastya (the city’s name means “happiness” in Ukrainian), the volunteer doctor served over thousand patients. “I’m […]

    • 30 March 2018
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    PFVMH and ULIE sign Memorandum of Cooperation

    Today, the president of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital, Gennadiy Druzenko, and the president of the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Anatoliy Kinakh, signed Memorandum of Cooperation. The signing was held during a joint enlarged meeting of the Anti-crisis Council of Nongovernmental Organizations of Ukraine and the ULEI Board in the Coliseum conference […]

    • 21 March 2018
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    VR Health Committee to help PFVMH avoid legal vacuum and assist in ensuring just treatment of volunteer medics

    Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital President Gennadiy Druzenko on Wednesday asked the Parliamentary Committee on Health to take charge of amending Health Ministry Order No. 1254 in accordance with the transitional provisions of the so-called Donbas De-occupation Law. He also once again appealed to lawmakers on the necessity to eliminate the injustice in social security of […]

    • 13 March 2018
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    PFVMH medics provided care to over 2,800 patients in February in the ATP zone

    In February, a total of 2849 patients in the ATO zone received aid from 29 medics of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital, of whom 10 worked in civilian hospitals in Luhansk Oblast’s Novoaydar, Popasna, Stanytsya Luhanska and Schastya, and 19 reinforced the medical service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s units as medical evacuation […]

    • 12 March 2018
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    PFVMH volunteer medics examine UVA volunteer warriors

    Today, a group of medics of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital launched preventive examinations of Ukrainian Volunteer Army warriors, who defend our Motherland against the Russian invasion. The survey will last for 10 days and will be carried out just on UVA positions at the front.

    • 03 March 2018
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    Gynecologist Yevhen Ladik back to Avdiyivka: “Gunfire every night, but they don’t strike on residential quarters this time – at least the first days in March”

    Since the beginning of March, the obstetrician-gynecologist from Kyiv Oblast’s Tetiyiv Central District Hospital, Yevhen Ladik, has been working at the Avdiyivka Central City Hospital’s maternity ward in Donetsk Oblast – as a volunteer doctor on the monthly mission of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital. This mission is the third for Yevhen, the last […]

    • 01 March 2018
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    Dodge presented by Poles to fulfill tasks in ATO zone

    On Tuesday, a Dodge presented by our Polish blood brothers has left the compound of the Volyn Oblast Clinical Hospital bound for Luhansk Oblast. In Eastern Ukraine, the vehicle with the ПДМШ 12 (i.e., PFVMH 12) license plate “will fulfill tasks related to provision of medical aid to patients in the ATO zone”, according to […]

    • 27 February 2018
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    PFVMH helps T-Helpers deliver TacMed training at front line

    From Feb. 18-24, three instructors from T-Helpers, a nongovernmental organization, conducted tactical medicine training on positions occupied by one of the Armed Forces of Ukraine’s brigades at the front line in Donetsk Oblast. The training was delivered with support of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital, which provided an ambulance and a driver.

    • 15 February 2018
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    In January, PFVMH medevac had over 180 calls

    Seven medical evacuation teams of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital that reinforced Ukrainian army’s medical service at the front in January provided aid to 182 patients, including 165 servicemen and 19 civilians.

    • 12 February 2018
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    PFVMH transfers to war vets flu vaccine donated by Medek

    The last lot of flu vaccine complete with disposable syringes and alcohol tissues, donated by the Medek Pharmaceutical Company, was transferred today by the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital to the Ukrainian State Medical & Social Center for War Veterans, which is located in Kyiv Oblast’s village of Tsybli.

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