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    • 28 March 2022
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    PFVMH sets up a new evacuation & treatment post north of Kyiv

    PFVMH has set up a new evacuation & treatment post in the village of Stari Petrivtsi, 27 kilometers north of Kyiv. Skilled doctors from Kharkiv are on duty at the post, including general practitioner and infectiologist Maksym Krasnov (the photo above) and neurosurgeon Oleksandr Markov, a PFVMH veteran (on the photos below). When there are […]

    • 27 March 2022
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    What are we fighting for?

    It’s time to put the question just like this. Because now everybody knows against whom we are fighting – there is an absolute consensus in this respect among both the Ukrainians and the free world. The enemy is Putin’s Russia which must be defeated at any cost. Because no nation can feel safe as long […]

    • 25 March 2022
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    PFVMH organizes a new detachment south of Kyiv

    Today, PFVMH Supervisory Board Chairman Gennadiy Druzenko made arrangements with neurosurgeon Prof. Oleh Honcharuk (rightmost on the photo above), on establishing a PFVMH-South detachment under the command of the latter. The new detachment will be based in the Kozyn Amalgamated Territorial Community (ATC) and will also have a post in the Feodosivka ATC, which will […]

    • 25 March 2022
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    Day 1 of month 2 of WW3: Report on PFVMH ambulances operation

    Three PFVMH ambulance teams worked on the evacuation of the wounded from Irpin. Team I (Marseille, Tanya, Shved): Vitaliy – crush syndrome, right lower limb fracture, left upper limb fracture, eyes injury. Hospitalized at Okhmatdyt. Anton – fragment wounds in the left upper limb, the chest from the right side, and both legs. Hospitalized at […]

    • 24 March 2022
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    Report from Ukraine: a medical team evacuating the wounded in Irpin

    The city of Kyiv is still under fire from the Russian army, almost a month after the invasion of Ukraine started. Fighting continues on the outskirts of the city and in the town of Irpin, northwest of the capital, where the last civilians are being evacuated to. The special envoy of France 24, Gwendoline Debono, […]

    • 23 March 2022
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    Just another day of WWIII: injured people, a damaged ambulance

    Three PFVMH teams worked on the evacuation from Irpin from 6:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. According to the report by only one of the teams, on-the-spot care was provided to a woman with a shrapnel injury to her chest. Three wounded persons were evacuated to the Okhmatdyt hospital in Kyiv: an unconscious priest with head, […]

    • 22 March 2022
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    Thank you, donators!

    We had a curfew in Kyiv and its region today. Our ambulances, as usual, evacuated the wounded from the destroyed Irpin Bridge, and the rest of us tried to sort out the tons of aid that PFVMH has been receiving. The exploit of our medics would have been impossible without the hundreds of benefactors from […]

    • 22 March 2022
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    Gennadiy Druzenko: “My response to the scum”

    Since yesterday, I’ve been receiving hundreds of brutal threats. It’s OK. The wartime years have taught me: the braver one is on the internet, the timider he is offline. Therefore, all these Russian “internet rembos” go directly to the ban. There is something else that unveils the meanness of the Russian creeps and their henchmen: […]

    • 21 March 2022
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    BMW bikes to make the mobile hospital even more mobile

    BMW’s official dealers in Kyiv gave PFVMH to motorcycles. PFVMH will make use of the bikes’ higher maneuverability as compared to four-wheeled vehicles to deliver medicines to hard-to-reach places and evacuate the wounded with minor injuries from there.  

    • 21 March 2022
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    PFVMH statement on Gennadiy Druzenko’s speech on Ukraina-24 channel

    Yesterday, while being live on air, PFVMH leader Gennadiy Druzenko made an emotional statement as to sterilizing invaders. The statement was provoked by threats against both Gennadiy personally and his family members. Russia’s propaganda channels have ripped the statement out of context and broadly disseminated it. PFVMH officially states that it has never engaged and […]

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