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    • 04 April 2022
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    “One more day of pain, lacerating and devastating…”

    Two PFVMH ambulance teams worked in Bucha, Kyiv’s suburb which became known throughout the world after its liberation when the shocking facts of the muscovite orcs’ atrocities were exposed. One team worked on the evacuation of civilians, including a man with a week-long bullet wound in his left thigh who was brought to the Kyiv […]

    • 04 April 2022
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    Convoy of ambulances from Brits and Belarusians arrived in Kyiv

    Welcomed today on the PFVMH-Nord base was a convoy of five ambulances that will replenish the mobile hospital’s vehicle fleet. Three ambulances had been purchased by two former servicemen from Essex, U.K., and the other two by our Belarusian blood brothers, the BYSOL Solidarity Foundation. The Brits and Belarusians had transferred the vehicles to drivers […]

    • 04 April 2022
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    URGENT: A vehicle needed for a mobile dental clinic

    To set up a mobile dental clinic, PFVMH urgently needs a vehicle with a KUNG: Length – 420 cm Width – 220–230 cm Height – min. 200 cm

    • 04 April 2022
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    PFVMH volunteer medics save the life of a well-known volunteer

    Yesterday, a PFVMH ambulance team that came to well-known volunteer Andriy Boyechko to pick up humanitarian aid saved his life. When “Vika,” “Corsa,” and “Kysil” arrived at Andriy’s place the latter was dying. The volunteer medics applied first aid to him and took him to the Strazhesko Institute of Cardiology. “Half an hour later – […]

    • 03 April 2022
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    PFVMH medics worked in Irpin, evacuated a patient from Hostomel

    Two PFVMH ambulance teams worked on the evacuation of locals from Irpin. One of the teams also went to Hostomel to pick up a 76-old patient and transported him to the apoplexy center of the Kyiv Oblast Clinic Hospital. The rest of PFVMH personnel underwent TCCC training for non-medics. The doctors who took the patient […]

    • 02 April 2022
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    Evacuation in Irpin, acupuncture in Lebedivka

    Since the war doesn’t discern between weekends and weekdays, the volunteer medics continued their toil today. Four PFVMH ambulances were busy evacuating locals from Irpin, one of the teams working from inside the city and three from the famous bridge at the approaches to it. There were no wounded, although the evacuation of civilians sometimes […]

    • 01 April 2022
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    PFVMH’s “foreign legion” baptized by fire

    The PFVMH ambulance team that included foreign medics for the first time went to the Irpin area and evacuated to the Kyiv Oblast Clinical Hospital a 35-year local with gangrene in his frostbitten legs. The team included two Canadian citizens, a Brit, and a Ukrainian driver. A total of four PFVMH ambulances were used today […]

    • 31 March 2022
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    PFVMH near Irpin: a day without wounded

    Today, three PFVMH ambulance teams were evacuating civilians from Irpin to Kyiv. There were no wounded, but one evacuated was hospitalized at the Kyiv Oblast Clinical Hospital with a suspected heart attack.    

    • 30 March 2022
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    PFVMH volunteers bring out the wounded, evacuate civilians, come under fire

    One of three PFVMH teams that were on duty near Irpin brought out two wounded warriors of the 130th Territorial Defense Battalion to Kyiv and an unconscious person who had spent two days in the cold under debris. Two other teams evacuated local civilians, one team coming under fire during the evacuation. The videos below […]

    • 30 March 2022
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    One more treatment & evacuation post opens In Lebedivka

    PFVMH has opened one more treatment & evacuation post in the village of Lebedivka, 30 kilometers north of Kyiv. Step by step, the volunteer hospital covers the entire northern direction of Kyiv’s defense.  

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