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    • 30 January 2018
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    Besides medics and medicines, PFVMH transports “spiritual food” to Eastern Ukraine

    Today, the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital once again became a newsmaker, having invited the media to the shipment of books, collected by Kyivans and bound for Eastern Ukraine. The books will be transported by the PFVMH vehicle that will drive the 35th civil mission’s medics to hospitals, and will be finally delivered to the […]

    • 27 January 2018
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    PFVMH and MedEx join forces

    Today in the office of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital in Kyiv, the PFVMH and the Civil Center for Humanitarian, Social and Medical Aid in Areas of Military Conflicts and Environmental Disasters “MedEx,” a Dnipro-based NGO, signed a memorandum of cooperation. PFVMH President Gennadiy Druzenko and MedEx Chairman of the Board Andriy Bilonog signed […]

    • 15 January 2018
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    Cura te ipsum: three views of mental health situation in Luhansk Oblast

    Cura te ipsum: three views of mental health situation in Luhansk Oblast Like a living organism, to function normally, any system must be adequate: have all necessary elements in their proper places and properly interacting. The war in Donbas and the occupation of a part of Donetsk and Luhabsk Oblasts’ territory disturbed the normal functioning […]

    • 08 January 2018
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    Post-Xmas greetings from “behind curbstone”: PFVMH Medevac evacuates wounded warriors

    It looks like Christmas has not lodged love for one’s neighbor in the hearts of “highly spiritual” occupants and collaborators: today, a medical evacuation team of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital had to evacuate two soldiers wounded by an enemy sniper in one of the front’s sectors.

    • 31 December 2017
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    President of Ukraine assigned allowance to vascular surgeon Vladyslav Horbovets – PFVMH’s “die-hard”

    At the end of 2017, President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko assigned state allowances to “outstanding public health figures” (Decree #457/2017 of Dec. 29), including a two-year allowance for Vladyslav Horbovets, surgeon of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital #8 Low Invasive Vascular Surgery and Phlebology Department.

    • 21 December 2017
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    In Novotroitske, PFVMH medics attend wounded old man who was “born with an armor vest” and likes telling jokes

    Today in Donetsk Oblast’s Novotroitske, medics of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital provided urgent assistance to a man who had tripped a mine near the Ukrainian checkpoint, the driver of the PFVMH team serving the first aid station nearby reported.

    • 18 December 2017
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    Third anniversary of PFVMH: human lives behind statistics

    Three years have passed since the establishment of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital. On this occasion, its Facebook cover was updated, and now it shows the latest results of PFVMH activities: 33 missions, 47 locations, 400 volunteers and 30,000 patients. Regretfully, these numbers will soon become outdated. Regretfully – because the war continues.

    • 17 November 2017
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    Head physicians of Malyn and Popasna hospitals write two analytical papers

    The monthly missions of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital’s medics to Eastern Ukraine not only help reinforce the health care service in front-line areas but also allow doctors from different parts of Ukraine to share their experience and thoughts of the functioning of the medical aid system in the country. Despite their huge workload, […]

    • 15 November 2017
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    PFVMH surgeon operated 64-year-old woman wounded in Popasna

    On Monday, a Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital surgeon operated a 64-year-old Popasna female resident, who had been submachine gun shot by two AWOL servicemen for unknown reason. “The woman was brought to the Popasna Central District at 7:15 a.m. We prepared and diagnosed her, and at 10 we began the operation,” volunteer surgeon Yuriy […]

    • 13 November 2017
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    PFVMH evacuates seriously wounded soldier

    Today, a medical evacuation team of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital provided aid to and evacuated a wounded warrior. The case was reported on the MedStar Медевак ПДМШ Facefook page by Oleksandr Hahayev, PFVMH Vice President in charge of liaison with the Armed Forces of Ukraine and law enforcement agencies.

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