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    • 26 October 2016
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    PFVMH doctors help plant orchard in Stranytsya Luhanska

    Last night, doctors of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (PFVMH) became active participants in turning a wasteland plot in Stanytsya Luhanska into an orchard, as reported by the leader of the PFVMH team that works at the local Central District Hospital on the mobile hospital’s 19th mission. According to Hennadiy Syabrenko, skin and venereal […]

    • 24 October 2016
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    Art Project “Icons on Ammo Boxes” Has Reaped First Million Hryvnyas and Eased Communication of Ukrainian Politicians with Members of EP

    Online publication Apostrophe has published an extensive interview with Oleksandr Klymenko, in which the artist told about the art project “Icons on Ammo Boxes” and shared his views of the situation in Ukraine and the world in connection with the Russian aggression. The project, which has already brought UAH 1 million in sold icons over […]

    • 22 October 2016
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    PFVMH Anesthetist Brings Nearly 20 Tons of Food to 30th GMBr

    Warriors of the 30th Guards Mechanized Brigade have received nearly 20 tons of food collected in Vinnytsya Oblast’s Orativ District and delivered to the brigade’s location by the action’s initiator– Ruslan Karimullin, student at the Vinnytsya National Medical University. In August 2016, Ruslan participated in the 17th mission of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital […]

    • 20 October 2016
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    PFVMH leader Gennadiy Druzenko: “Volunteer doctor may not just come to another hospital and start operating”

    A unique mechanism has been developed in Ukraine for involving civil medics in filling vacancies in the Armed Forces. However, its implementation faces resistance from insignia-adorned bureaucrats, according to speakers at the first session of a Public Health Forum, which was held on the 7-B platform on the initiative of the executive secretary of the […]

    • 19 October 2016
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    Synergy of charity

    A parcel of pharmaceuticals, endowed by the Yuria-Pharm corporation and hauled free to Eastern Ukraine by Nova Poshta, has been delivered to health institutions of Novoaydar District in Luhansk Oblast, the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (PFVMH) head doctor reported. According to Dmytro Vernyhor, who leads the PFVMH’s 19th mission in the East, UAH 40,000 […]

    • 16 October 2016
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    Shelling of hospital as “Russian style.” PFVMH medics count five shell holes near Popasna Hospital after night shelling

    On late night of Oct. 15, Russian terrorists extended their traditional “truce shelling” to central parts of Popasna, Luhansk Oblast, including the Central District Hospital, which was far away from the positions of the Ukrainian army. Surgeon Dmytro Pozharsky and anesthesiologist Viktor Belilovets, doctors of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (PFVMH), who are in […]

    • 15 October 2016
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    Two years since first public presentation of PFVMH. Progress report in DT interview with hospital cofounder and leader Gennadiy Druzenko

    The project “Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital” (PFVMH) was first presented two years ago, just on the Feast of the Intercession, Oct. 14. At the time, according to Dzerkalo Tyzhnya, few besides its founders believed that they would be able to create in Ukraine a real hospital having everything: equipment, instruments, drugs, and a team […]

    • 13 October 2016
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    PFVMH has provided medical assistance to 9000th patient in Ukrainian East

    On Thursday, Oct. 13, a 90-year old resident of Luhansk Oblast’s Novoaydar District became the 9000th patient who had received medical assistance from doctors of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (PFVMH) since its first mission in Eastern Ukraine in late 2014. Vira Dekhtyaryova came to see doctor to the paramedic station in the village […]

    • 12 October 2016
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    “Banderites” in scrubs or How PFVMH stitches up Ukraine

    On Sunday, Oct. 2, scarcely had Dmytro arrived at the Popasna Central District Hospital in Luhansk Oblast when a nurse ran out to the car and asked the new-come volunteer doctor to urgently examine a patient. The patient turned out to be a man of a venerable age, who was brought to the hospital by […]

    • 10 October 2016
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    Default on Minsk Arrangements as birthday present

    Viktor Belilovets, anesthesiologist and resuscitation specialist of the Pirogov First Volunteer Mobile Hospital (PFVMH), celebrated his 42nd birthday in Stanytsya Luhanska on Oct. 9 – the day on which troops withdrawal from this town had been scheduled under the Minsk Arrangements. As usual on Sundays, there was not much to do, mainly routine GP’s workload; […]

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